Wednesday, July 20

Butt Fluff Review: handsewnbyme

This is a review of the second cloth diaper (but first received) that I bought of

This diaper was bought from handsewnbyme.  I saw this diaper and just knew Monkey needed it.

The outer layer is 100% cotton flannel and the inner layer is made out of 3 layers of Zorb.

  • Super cute
  • Very well made
  • Trim fit
  • Good elastic around the legs  - read: no leaking here
  • Protective tabs to keep the Velcro closure clean in the wash
  • A great price: $9 (plus $3 for shipping)
  • The Zorb core really holds a lot of moisture
  • Awesome customer service by the seller - very prompt, very polite 
  • Velcro closure is super easy to use
  • It's not an AIO (all in one), and a cover is recomended; which is a shame since it's so cute.  I used it with and without a cover, and noticed only a slight difference as the Zorb holds a lot.
  • It needed to be washed prior to use, which is true for all cloth diapers; but it had to be washed 10 to 12 times to allow the Zorb to get to maximum absorbency.
  • With all of the washing pre-wearing it by the time Monkey wore it, it didn't look new anymore
  • The outside cover had some pilling after all the washing (maybe it's how I washed it).
  • The rise (17" on the size medium I bought) was a little short for Monkey's long torso.
  • I can see Monkey being able to undo the Velcro closure in the future, it could stand to be a little wider.

Conclusion: I would totally buy cloth diapers from this seller again.  I would however probably by a larger size, to accommodate for Monkey's long torso.

Full Disclosure: I purchased the item reviewed myself and I have not been asked to or compensated for reviewing this product.


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