Monday, July 25

That Was Nice

Over the weekend we had that unholy hot humid weather that most of the country was subjected to (104F on Friday at my office); so today when the temps broke and it was a high around 75 it felt like heaven... even with all the rain.

After dinner tonight I headed out to our front porch with Monkey.  We sat and watched the cars drive by and listened to the rain and the birds.  Then Husband came out and joined us, and as soon as his cartoon (Adventure Time; which if you haven't seen it is addicting and stupid at the same time) was over Turkey joined us as well.

And since we were all out on the porch, Husband figured the dog should join us as well.  (Have I introduced you to the big clod-hopper yet??  His name is Dakota and he's a 2 year old Siberian Husky.)

So there we all sat, after dinner, reading on the front porch in the rain.  Turkey brought out a book and I read to everyone.  So relaxing, nice and peaceful.  Just what we needed.

Oh and a big thank you to the rain; it kept the bugs away.


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