Thursday, July 28

Things I've Been Meaning to Do July Update

First things first... going forward this is going to be abbreviated as TIBMTD.  OK, say that 5 times fast.

In case you missed it here is my list from earlier this month:  LOOK HERE.

  • Bring in the case of water from outside.  Done and all the water has been drunk

  • Mail out Monkey's Birth announcements (he's only going to be 5 months old next week) This is half done... half of them have been mailed.
  • Send out thank you cards from Monkey's baptism and our anniversary  Not done, but I know my family and friends will understand with all that happened this month.
  • Order a wetbag Not done
  • Move the boxes of blinds.  Done

  • Find this particular picture frame so I can hang up Monkey's baptism picture. Not done, last night I decided I needed to just buy new frames.
  • Sew the patches on Turkey's Cub Scout shirt.  This was on last month's list.  I really need to get to this, so it's back on the list.  Still not done and I still haven't even bought thread and needles.
  • Bring in Turkey's car seat parts and store in basement.   Half done.  The car seat parts are on the side porch.

All in all not too bad.  It's been a long difficult month, so anything that I have gotten done is a bonus.


Rebecca said...

I got Monkey's birth announcement yesterday! It's hanging on my fridge. I love that we got it in July... makes me feel a little better about how long things take me too! :-D

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