Sunday, July 10

Teach a Boy to Fish

Turkey has been fishing for years, at least 4 of this 7.  He even has the Cub Scout Fishing Belt Loop.  He's been fishing with me, with Husband, with various uncles including Uncle P who is obsessed with fishing.  And yet, he never caught a fish.... until today.

We spent the afternoon with my Aunt and Uncle, at my uncle's mother's house.  The deck off the back of the garage is right on the river... Ok, the river is 20-ft below, but still it's right there.

Turkey's early casts resulted in catching rocks and trees; and he easily gave up.  After a break; in which he ate a raw red hotdog (because it's tradition), then a cooked regular hot dog and lots of chips and brownies; followed by watching the Red Sox a little and covering his Uncle in Silly String, Turkey was ready to get at it again.

His first round two cast resulted in breaking his line; so he took over Husband's pole.  Finally the speed boats in the river quieted and Turkey got a nice far cast... and magic!!!  He got a bite and with the help of Uncle reeled it in.  Success - a small perch!!!


Jess said...

aw, how awesome, I bet he was thrilled!

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