Friday, July 29

Goodnight Puppy

Our dog, Dakota, sleeps in the basement.  He's a Husky and really digs the cave like affect he has going on down there.  He has his own room, with a giant dog crate in it.  Each night he "goes to bed" around 8pm and gets a biscuit.  He can sense when bedtime is, and will often look to have someone take him down there.

Last night, he headed down the basement on his own.  Husband and I both saw him.  We talked about it.

I thought Husband went down and locked his crate.

Husband thought I went down and locked the crate.

Not sure why I thought that since Husband has a sprained ankle and can't really get to the basement.

Anyhow, imagine our surprise when Dakota comes walking into the living room at 9:45pm.  I look at Husband and he looks at me... and at the same time "I thought you put him to bed.".  Good thing we caught it, I can only imagine the mess he would have made if we had gone to bed and he was loose in the house.  Ack!!!!


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