Saturday, July 9

Just Like Christmas?

Ordering things on-line and then getting the pretty little package in the mail is just like Christmas.

Earlier this week I got a package that contained my second butt fluff purchase. (Still waiting on the first purchase.)  Then on Thursday I got the package I had been most waiting for... The Woombie.  We are hoping the Woomibe is our answer to our swaddling problems.  Monkey is too long for his medium size swaddler blanket, and too skinny for his large size swaddler blanket.  Therefore he gets out of both, and wakes himself in the process.  Once he managed to get one of them wrapped around his neck; yeah that was scary.

So after waiting the longest week ever, the Woombie comes in.  I race in the house and open it, expecting big baby size (14 to 19 lbs) in pineapple color.   What we got was pineapple color, but they sent newborn size (up to 13 lbs).  I was crushed, I hated waited all week for this.  It was like that Christmas my parents got me the lemon yellow jeans with a flower belt buckle.  That kind of sucking, total disappointment.

Friday morning Husband called the good people at Woombie and they agreed to ship out the correct one overnight (express US mail).

Today we get home, and I rush to the mailbox, expecting to pull out my Woombie.  Instead the post office decided it was too big for our mailbox ad are now requiring us to retrieve it at the post office on Monday.  I am so mad!!!  Every year our postal carrier has us fill out a slip stating what to do with our packages, since we are on a rural route.  And every year I fill it out to have all packages left on the side porch.  I don't need to sign for it... nothing like that... they simply didn't leave it because it was too big.

Now I have to wait until Monday... debatable if I will make it till then.  It's like waking up and thinking it's Christmas and finding out it's Thanksgiving.  Damn you US Postal Service.... I just want my Woombie!!!!!

And yes, I know it's suppose to be a silent Saturday... but I had to get this posted before I clocked someone.


Stacey said...

Ugh. Grrr. So sorry!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Grrr from me too. Darn Woombie! I hope it works..if you ever finally get it.

Jess said...

Totally agree getting packages is like xmas. Sorry you didn't get the right thing and its taking forever. Hope you get it soon and the post office isn't a pita again!

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