Sunday, July 3


Today we woke up to some very sad news.  My mom's horse, Tuffy, past away.  My mom had just gotten back from a mini-vacation with Turkey and my niece; and when she got home he was very sick.  Tuffy was getting up there in years and his health had been declining for the last year.

Tuffy will be missed by a lot of people... heck even her horse farm was named after him "Tuff E Nuff Farm".  

Tuffy came into our lives about 2 years ago.  My mom had taken up equine-therapy after my brother past away in March 2009 and Tuffy was the first horse she adopted.  In a way, to me at least, it almost feels like loosing my brother again (and I never rode Tuffy).  So I suppose should my brother ever decide to take up horse riding, at least he'll have a partner on his side.  


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