Wednesday, July 27

Serves Me Right

Earlier in the week (Sunday and Monday), I was bragging on Facebook about having both of the boys in bed and asleep prior to 8pm.

I swear I jinxed myself.

Last night (Tuesday), we had storms rip through the area.  They caused me to leave work an hour late, and then they turned my one hour commute into a two hour commute.  Normally I am home by 5:30pm, I didn't walk in that night until sometime around 7:30.  By the time I was done feeding Monkey, and we figured out dinner and ate it was 9pm.  I crawled to bed as soon as I could, even skipping TV and computer down-time.

Tonight was only slightly better. I made it home from work on time, but then after I fed Monkey I headed out with my neighbor (and Monkey) to get a tire for her truck, and to pick up my grandma's car to borrow (while mine gets new wheel bearings tomorrow, lucky me).  By the time dinner was done (which was great mind you and full of laughs), and the boys were in bed, and the bottles were washed; it was late.

Sigh... maybe next time I will keep my mouth closed.


Amy said...

Aww poor you lol! I hope you guys get back on schedule soon!!

Jess said...

this always happens to me, when I brag of sleeping through the night...the next three nights aren't good

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