Friday, July 8


Turkey's new hobby is baking.  I think I started myself when I was about his age, maybe a little younger, as I have a vague memory of using 1 cup salt instead of 1 cup of sugar.  But I digress...

Tomorrow is Husband's family re-union and we decided that Turkey should bake cookies for "the sharing table".  He opted to make sugar cookies with frosting and M&Ms (the other kids will thank him).

So he measured, and mixed and kneaded all on his own.  He rolled the dough and cut out the shapes (those um...looking one.... are light-houses).  I put them in the oven (he preheated) and took them out.  Then he frosted and decorated.  

And I've already tried them and they are GOOD!!!!


Rebecca said...

He did a beautiful job!!

EricaG said...

Yum! He looks so proud.

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