Sunday, July 24


The first year we lived here we didn't have a garden, we moved in in July so their simply wasn't time.

Our second summer I planted a garden in an area that originally had this huge tree stump my step-dad had ground up.  The soil was full of tree bits; which admittedly was not the best choice for a garden.  But I planted anyhow.  We had onion, peas, cucumbers, summer squash, beans and tomatoes.  
The garden last summer.
Nothing made it, except the tomatoes.  Apparently the woodland creatures felt all of the other plants and their flowers were delicious and they ate them right up.  With no real competition in the garden the tomatoes (cherry ones, bush style) took over.  It was like the attack of the killer tomato plant.  In the end we couldn't eat them all and tons of them rotted on the vines.

This summer I had big plans for the garden and Husband was going to install a fence for me around it.  I was determined to make something other than tomatoes grow.

But then life got in the way.  Between the baby and going back to work I never got around to planting the garden.  I was upset, but it happens; there was always next year.  Until one day I looked good and hard at the garden and sure enough I had tomatoes growing.  The seeds from the ones we never picked last year took root and sprouted.  There must have been a dozen or so tomato plants growing.  I picked the healthiest ones and set them up with tomato cages; and took out the rest.  Ha ha!!!  A garden without even trying, and it was the first time I ever grew something from seeds.

Why, yes.  I do need to weed again.


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