Sunday, July 17

Picking Up the Pieces

On Monday, July 11th, we suddenly lost a great man, my step-father.  It was the kind of quick and sudden passing that not only left you with heart-ache and tears, but also with shock and disbelief.  All at once the world slowed down and sped up at the same time; and everyday life was put on-hold.  

I haven't been to work in a week; instead I have been with my family.  Driving out to see my mom as much as possible (it's a 45 minute drive) and at the same time trying to give Turkey space to grieve while trying to keep home life as normal as possible for him (as it was he had Cub Scout Day Camp during all this).

Yesterday, Saturday, we said our final good-byes (more to come on that over time) and today we slept in late and started waking up from our daze.  Husband and I looked around the house, and despite cleaning mid-week during everything, we were met with a total mess.  I had cob-webs on my washer and dryer, and piles of dirty clothes higher than the door.  For a mid-morning snack Turkey made himself a potato chip and mustard sandwich on the last two pieces of bread and I realized I really needed to get to the grocery store.  It was time start picking up the pieces of life.

Step-dad isn't (wasn't I should say) the kind of guy who would like you mopping doing nothing, and with that in mind I started moving again; all be it slowly.

I chipped away at the dirty clothes (6 loads done, none folded), went back to using cloth diapers (who can use cloth during a time like last week?), went to the grocery store with the family in-tow (including Husband who sprained his ankle this morning), and started cleaning little by little.  It's a work in progress, and like healing from a tragedy like this, it will take some time and never really be done.


Rebecca said...

Again, sweetie, I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

My church is praying for you all. I hope you find peace during all of this.

Stacey said...

I'm so sorry for your lose. Praying you all feel comfort during this time!

The Lazy Mom

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