Wednesday, August 10


At 4:30am this morning, my bedroom door was burst open and the light was suddenly turned on.  "The zombies are coming!!!"  said Turkey.

I replied as calmly and as quietly as I could "Who said the zombies are coming?"  He replied with Husband' s name.  To which I responded "He's here sleeping in bed with me.  Did you have a nightmare?"

"I must have." he tells me and climbs into bed with us.

So here it is, 4:30am on a Wednesday morning and BOTH boys are in bed with us, and I haven't really slept since about 12:30am.  I think mama is going to turn into a zombie soon if she doesn't get some good ol' fashioned sleep.

The problem we've been having with Monkey lately at night is he's all about me and all about nursing.  It's been going on for the last week or so, and given his less than average milk intake during the day I fear he is reverse-cycling.

Some one please tell me this is a phase and will pass soon enough????  And while you are at it, can you let Turkey know there is no such thing as zombies?


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