Sunday, August 21

Ice Decaf

I come from a long line of coffee drinkers.  It's in our blood, we cannot help it.  So it's no wonder Turkey loves the stuff - coffee flavored milk, coffee ice cream, you name it.

When he was young he started out drinking chocolate milk at Starbucks, then a year or so ago I let him get an iced decaf (my drink of choice) and ever since then he has not looked back.  9 times out of 10 while we are out, and it's not a meal, he'll opt for ice decaf.

This morning I took him out for donuts and an ice coffee before going to work, and as promised I let him get a large (usually I get him a small, this was a treat).  Once the barista realized it was for him and not, she wanted to remake it to make sure it really was decaf.  Then the older gentlemen in line behind us started teasing him about it; so Turkey turns around and says "It's decaf, not beer.  I'll be OK."


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