Tuesday, February 28

Mysterious Rash

The first time Turkey and I visited my mom in Texas he was a wee little thing (2-ish), and while we were down there (some 1,500 miles from home) he broke out in this crazy rash.  It was big, it was blotchy, it bruised around the edges, it looked terrible.  I called his doctor at home and they advised us to take him to walk-in-urgent-care, so off we went.  We were seen by a very nice doctor who's exam table was a giant firetruck.  $150 later we were told it was an allergic reaction and to give him some Benadryl and keep an eye on it.  By the end of our trip he was fine.

Over the years we've experienced our fair share of "mysterious rashes", and I've learned a few things over the years; namely when to and when not to call the pediatrician.

Good thing too as Monkey is now experiencing his first mysterious rash.   I noticed it first last night on his face, and then when I changed his diaper it was on his lower torso.  As of tonight it's become flatter and wider spread, moving down his legs and onto his feet as well.

Years go this would have prompted me to call the doctor right away, and rush him in, only to be told that we needed to wait and see or that it was "viral" and the rash would run it's course.  I don't need a doctor to tell me this; so now we're waiting and watching at home.  I'm guessing it's either a reaction to the chicken pox vax he got on a little less than two weeks ago or it's a viral rash (he has been running a mild fever for the last week).  Either way the doctor can't do  thing for us, so we're just watching and waiting.  Obviously if he breaks out even worse, is acting super sick, or spikes a fever I'll call the doctor; but for now....


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