Friday, February 10

Parallel Universe

I was chatting with my boss this morning and he remarked that I must have a life that is following a parallel universe or such; and he can't stop telling people about Turkey's gym teacher.

You see Turkey's gym teacher passed away on his birthday, January 31... just 10 days after my bosses wife past away.  They had the same last name, and both died of complications from similar illness (I don't want to disclose to many personal details).

When my boss mentioned his parallel universe theory I was telling him about the case I had during jury duty yesterday... the events leading up to case we heard took place on July 13, 2011.  The same day my step-father passed away.

Life is really strange sometimes.  And to say that these cases were unique wouldn't be accurate, I seem to spend a lot of time crossing "paths"... hmmm?


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