Friday, February 17

Project Food Budget (Week 20)

This week has been a whirlwind, between everyone getting over "the sickness", to Monkey turning 1, to getting Turkey's car ready for the pinewood derby... it's been a crazy week.  This weekend we are having Monkey's birthday party, and tonight Turkey and I went out to do the last of the shopping for it.

I made my list, and Turkey was the perfect shopping helper, he made sure I stuck to my list and if it wasn't on the list asked me if I really needed it, and then added it to the list (to then check it off).  I might have to take him shopping with me more often.

And for more than one reason.  At work today I learned that a colleague's son had passed away, he was 19.  Things like this really hit home for me.... they bring back a flood of memories of loosing my brother and the pain I saw in my parents during that time.

Now lately I have been very stressed, very anxious; to the point of not seeing the trees in the forest.

Tonight shopping I was able to clear all of that away, realizing that life may be stressful, but I have my family and my health... I was able to see my son for who he was and truly enjoy being with him and living in the moment, albeit a grocery shopping moment; but I was able to be there.

I am so sad for my colleague and his family; but I am so thankful I was given the chance to realize what I have.  And for that I am thankful.

We spent $ 62.88 on food for the party and the house (and dog-food).  At the party we are having: chili and cornbread (by my cousin), bbq kielbasa (by a friend), fruit salad (by Husband's aunt), pepperoni and cheese platter, olives & pickles, rice and beans, veggie platter, and ziti with meatballs.  I've made Monkey a 2 tiered cake, all his own; yellow and chocolate and cupcakes of the like for everyone else.

Oh yeah, we're going to be eating leftovers a few days next week; as our guest list is slowly dwindling as guests get hit with "the sickness" themselves.  Gotta love birthday's this time of year.

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