Thursday, February 2

Project Food Budget (Week 18)

So the budget was $100, and I am pretty sure I am over, because I sucked at keeping track this week.  I know for certain I spent $84.10 on food shopping,  Husband and I had a snack while running errands at one point and that was $6, plus we spent $19 on breakfast out Sunday morning.  And I am pretty sure I made a pit stop at the store once this week for deli meats and rolls.  So maybe another $15.  So I didn't make the $100 goal, but I did spend less than my normal $150 goal.

This week I also tried something new, I got some of the "not so fresh" produce.  I've had girlfriends tell me for years that these can be a good deal, and while I was at the store I saw a crowd of other mom's looking them over... so I gave it a whirl, and it worked out well.  My family goes through produce so fast there was never really a time for it to go bad.

This weeks menu was taco night, Outback for Turkey's birthday (not part of the food budget), sandwiches and salad... then after that we fell off the menu.  Monkey was vomiting on Thursday and Husband ate lunch late so Turkey and I had mac and cheese.  Then Friday night we ended up eating at my Aunt and Uncle's house (pizza).

All and all not a bad week I suppose.  Don't forget to see how these other participants are doing - and there are 2 new blogs this week as well.


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