Monday, February 20

Party Like A 1 Year Old!!!

On Sunday we celebrated Monkey's first birthday with family and friends.  Unlike Turkey's birthday this year we only did a loose Monkey theme (go figure).

I made him a birthday banner that proclaimed that he was 1.

I made him a double layer (chocolate and yellow) cake with butter-cream frosting, and cupcakes for the guests.  

We had lots of yummy food (and we're still eating left-overs), and many thanks to my Mom, cousin, and Add-emm, for bringing more goodies.  

I had made a video with photos of Monkey from over the first year and we had that playing during the party as a background.  

So we ate, passed around the baby, passed around my cousin's tiny baby, and ate and talked some more.  After eating Monkey opened his gifts.  He got tons of great toys (including a stuffed monkey from Disney) and lots of clothes (because he's a giant and needs them... he's in 18 to 24 months size).  Turkey was his man-in-waiting, and read all of his cards and "helped" him open his gifts.  

After present it was cake time (because after that we needed a bath).  Monkey loves food (I've mentioned that before right??)  Well he really loves cake.

It was a wonderful day... but I just wish I had more time to spend with everyone. 

 Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Oh yeah, and the real key to having a killer party... having your husband, brother and baby's Godfather clean-up the mess.  These guys ROCK!!!


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