Monday, February 27

I Cheat

At laundry that is.

Small hand towels and face cloths, they don't get folded.  They go into some nice ($1 - Christmas Tree Shop) fabric bins in the closet.

Monkey and Turkey's underclothes, they don't get folded.  Simply put into their dressers.  OK, none of Monkey's clothes get folded; just sorted and stacked in his draws.  Who has time for stuff like that?  Certainly not me.

(Diapers on the other hand are stuffed and prepped once they are cleaned... this is essential for keeping Husband on the cloth-diaper-wagon, as well as a necessity with an ever-wigglier baby.)

Ninety percent of mine and Husband's clothes get hung up - simply because it's easier.

So yeah, I cheat at laundry... and it feels so good. :-)


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