Monday, February 6

Nursing Tonight

Tonight for dinner I made pasta with pesto and black olives.  This was Husband's first time eating pesto (and have no fear fans of Husband he did not eat the olives).  How he had gone 30 odd years with never having pesto is beyond me... but at the same time it's more baffling that I have never made this at home before.  Anyhow,  everyone really enjoyed dinner and Turkey remarked about his meal "mom, now BOTH of us have something new to blog about tonight."  He is sweet isn't he?  And he did blog about the pesto.

After dinner we played and then put Monkey to bed at his normal time.  After Husband said his good-nights and turned off the light Monkey and I settled into our before bed nursing session.  I got my feet up, got comfy, he latched on and I closed my eyes and then "wahhhh!!!!"

I forgot Baby Dee.  How could I forget Baby Dee?

Holding Baby Dee while nursing is a must these days.  Monkey fiddles with the "ears", he tries to get me to latch on to "the "ears", we play the music, he strokes Baby's face... Oh yeah, he loves Baby Dee.  

So I get up, get Baby and we get resettled.

Three minutes later he's crying again.  So we switch sides.

Three minutes later he pops up, as he likes doing these days, and sitting on my lap surveys the room and listens for sounds from the downstairs.

I turn Baby on and Monkey goes back to the right side.

Three more minutes pass and he's sitting up again, rubbing his eyes and giving me "I need to go to bed Mom" signs.


Nurse a minute or so.  Rub eyes.


Turn on Baby Dee.

Rub eyes and I kiss him, snuggle him quick and off to bed he goes.

It has been months since he's fallen asleep at the breast.  Maybe because I am so diligent about putting him down while he's drowsy but awake.  Maybe it's because he likes his bed.  I mean he really likes his bed, this kid will not sleep in the car.... what year old doesn't sleep in the car?  We've left many places facing an hour  plus drive home in hopes he sleeps in the car, and if we're lucky he'll fall asleep for the last 10 minutes of the drive.  Maybe it's a combo of the two.

Oh well.... c'est la vie.


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