Tuesday, February 21

A Hard Day at Work

Turkey came to work with me on Monday, President's Day.  A little before 7am he was ready armed with his hard-sided leather briefcase and Spider-man backpack.  On the way into the office he dined on a banana and an ice-decaf, cinnamon flavored; while listening to The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis.

Upon arriving at my office he quickly unpacked his laptop, got it hooked up to the internet and spilled Legos out all over the floor.  He then proceed to play with Lego until around 9:30, at which time he took up drawing portraits of family members.  I scanned and e-mailed Husband his copy.  Complaining he was hungry, he enjoyed his yogurt before going to raid the vending machine (for a Giant Texas cookie).

At 9:30 he decided to play Gumball on-line and proceed to talk to himself as loud as possible.  This lasted until around 10:30; at which time he grabbed his blanket and curled up in the corner by my desk and read one of his Wimpy Kid books.  Enjoying a gobstopper during this process and sharing with the office his ability to bite into them (ouch!!!).

A little after 11:30 we headed out to lunch; where he enjoyed a grilled cheese and fries while we played "20 Questions".

After lunch he decided it was time to write comic books, and he began what is to be an 8-part series of The Adventures of Captain Burst and Mr. Slingshot.  He completed the first two books in the series.  Once completed he shared them with everyone he could.  This was followed by more Wimpy Kid reading and Lego playing.

Around 3:30 the end of the day boredom hit, so I printed him off a few word searches (including a President's Day one)... and he coasted on that until 4:30.

On the way out he stopped by HR and scored us some good dark chocolate... and then proceed to complain on the way home because he prefers white chocolate... ah the  life.


Rebecca said...

I'm so impressed that he made it thru the whole day with, what appears to be, ease! I'm sure it felt like much more to you, but I assure you my 7-yr old couldn't keep himself entertained for so long. Good job, Turkey!

EricaG said...

Great post! He sure is a busy guy!

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