Tuesday, February 7

Tooth Anxiety

The time: 1:09am, Tuesday

The place: my upstairs - bedroom and bathroom

There is a creak from the door followed by a little voice: Mom, my grown tooth is loose and it's going to fall out.

Muffled voice from the bed: No it isn't go back to bed.

Voice from the door now in a panic: It is... my grown-up tooth is going to fall out.

The muffled voice stumbles out of bed and guides the little voice into the bathroom, while falling into the walls along the way.

The light in the bathroom is flicked on, and is blindingly bright.  Muffled voice sits little voice on the toilet: Ok, let me see.

Muffled voice can't see anything, the light in the bathroom is too bright.  The whole scene seems like a bad to her, but she reassures little voice that the loose tooth is the baby one that is about to fall out.

Little voice shrieks, restating his position that it is in-deed a grown-up tooth.  

Muffled voice tells him he needs to go back to bed.

Little voice assures her he cannot as his tooth will surely fall out and the dentist is closed.  

Muffled voice asks him if he wants to sleep in her bed with her and Husband.  

In the middle? Little voice asks.

Little voice falls fast asleep as soon as he gets in the middle.  Muffled voice drifts off to sleep, certain the preceding events were a dream, only to be reminded by little voices arm and legs hitting her through-out that night that it was night.

Oh and if you're wondering about the tooth, it was in fact the baby one muffled voice reassured little voice about and it fell out shortly before dinner.


Rebecca Burgener said...

LOL! What a wonderful moment to record! My oldest (nearly seven) is anxiously awaiting her first tooth loss.

I saw you over at the Mom Pledge Blog. (I'm way behind in my Google Reader.) I had to stop by because we have some random things in common.

Your wedding day was my seventh anniversary.

We also have a "Monkey."

Our Monkey was born in Feb of '09 at 39 weeks 6 days.

Thanks for the pledge you've made to make the internet a nicer place! And happy almost birthday to your Monkey!

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