Friday, February 24


Fact: Monkey likes food.

Correction:  Monkey really likes food.

We've yet to find a food he doesn't like.  He eats everything; raw onions, fish, broccoli, cole slaw, hummus... you get the idea... everything.

Until tonight.

I stopped by the store on the way home to get some salad for dinner and I went to find Monkey a new snack-food... something to nibble on.

I suppose my first mistake was starting in the baby-food isle.  But there they were, on the end-cap and ON-SALE.  And they said they were good; it was even in the product name  - Beech Nut Goodies. A (white) cheese puff for toddlers if you will.

While we were cooking dinner Monkey was in his highchair, so I offered him a few... tasting one myself first.  And maybe it was because I tried it and told Husband how nasty they were in front of Monkey; but he didn't like them.  A food Monkey will not eat.  It is a miracle, of sorts.  He tried them on and off for a few minutes, before scattering them to the floor and demanding other more palatable foods.  Honestly I can't say I blame them, they were nasty.  Think a really hard cheese doodle with little to no flavoring that was sprinkled with Styrofoam pellets.

Yum... NOT.


Jessica said...

We gave Gabby the organic ones and she actually liked them. and I tried them and they weren't too bad. I was going to share my Hummus recipe because Gabby LOVES it

By: Kate Nadeau said...

Thanks Jess, I was actually hoping to make some hummus this weekend (for the 1st time).

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