Sunday, February 12

Risk Taking

Earlier last week Turkey came home with this drawing:

He gave me great detail about the ammunition sashes he drew, the type of guns and weapons shown.  

Noticing the title (Army Me), I asked him if he was considering a career in the army.  

He looked at me very seriously, and replied "No Mom.  I might have to go to war then, and I just can't take a risk like that."

But that's how he is; Turkey has never been a big risk taker.  When he was small his gross motor skills were late to develop because he was so cautious.  When all of my friends kids were climbing out of their cribs, I couldn't imagine him doing the same... until he did and landed on his head.  Guess what?  He's never been a climber since then.... he was easily 3 by the time he learned how to go up and downstairs.  When it comes to bike riding he won't go fast down hills, and brakes for grass growing in the cracks on the sidewalk.  He got a skateboard for Christmas, and while he can't wait to try it out is insisting on a new helmet as well as knee and elbow pads.  

And I'm OK with him being this way... and back to the whole "Army Me".... he wants to design weapons for the military when he grows up.  


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