Wednesday, February 1

Memories: Turkey's Birth Story

In honor of Turkey's 8th birthday yesterday I thought I would share the details of his birth... don't worry I'll leave out all the graphic ones.  Oh and this may be a little spotty because it has been 8 years after all.

On Friday January 30, 2004 I had an OB appointment.  The doctor assured me that I was not making an progress in the area of dilation and sent me on my way with a "see you next week".  I went out and picked up my Goddaughter, V, who was 9 at the time.  V was spending the night... we were going to have one last "girls weekend" before the baby came.  I picked her from her dad's work and we headed to McD's for dinner.  I wasn't hungry, so I skipped (this should have been my first clue that something was afoot).  At my house we watched some movies and she went to bed on the couch and I went into my room.  My X was working nights and V and I had breakfast and pedicure plans in the morning.  The following afternoon my friends from high school were suppose to be coming over and we were all going to work on getting the apartment ready for the baby... including all of the unpacking from the baby shower.

Around 6:30am on Saturday January 31, 2004 I was woken up by a sharp cramp in my side.  My ex had just gotten home from work a few hours before and I had been up with him until the wee hours... so I was not happy being woken up so early.

I walked into the bathroom and WOOOOOOSSSSHHHH!!!! went my water.  That was the end of that bathmat.

After I came to terms with what was happening I called my OB then ironed my clothes waiting for a call back.  Clearly, labor had not yet started.  Once I got off the phone with them I showered, did some last minute packing and got V and my ex up.  I was cool calm and collected, my ex on the other hand not so much and he ended up wearing half of his work uniform to the hospital.  We called my Grammie, so she could watch V... then called my mom and headed in (skipping eating again).

In triage they confirmed my had broken and then I started crying... why because I was a crazy hormonal pregnant lady... the reason I kept using was because it wasn't February yet and MY baby was due in February.  Around this time the contractions, albeit irregular, started.

We got checked in and my ex called the friends we had plans with and they came to the hospital to cheer us on.

Eventually I made it to 4cm and asked for an epidural.

Then the hospital staff started to threaten Pitocin to make my contractions regular.

Epidural attempt 1 went OK, but didn't work.  Then my mom came.  Epidural attempt 2 went OK as well, but I still had feeling on one side. I used to say it full feeling, but after going through natural childbirth with Monkey I can now assure you it worked some, but not great.

They checked me around 2pm and I was at 6cm.  Then they tried the epidural again, but I begged them to stop as I had to use the bathroom... which I was able to walk to since my epidural wasn't working.  After a few minutes I realized I had problems... I had to push but nothing was coming out... so I asked the anesthesiologist about this... and with that he called for a nurse to check me.  They argued... the nurse didn't want to check me as I "was 6cm just 15 minutes ago", blah, blah, blah... eventually the anesthesiologist won out and she checked and it was go-time.

Skip the gory details.... and Turkey was born at 2:40pm.

He was 6 lbs. 14 oz and 19 inches... and simply perfect in my opinion.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday and we watched the Patriots win from our hospital suite while I feasted on a black raspberry and hot fudge sundae.

Speaking of food, after Turkey was born all I wanted to do was eat.  I had gone around 24 hours without eating... I ate a TON while in the hospital.

Now that I think about Turkey's birth and Monkey's birth, and while they were both very different I think I see a pattern.... once I hit active labor my labors go fast, very fast.  Maybe Husband is right, when and if we have #3, we should take a room out at the hospital ahead of time... just in case.  Or maybe....


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