Tuesday, January 17

January 17, 2004

8 years ago today was a Saturday.

It was a bitterly cold, overcast, yet very bright Saturday.

But my nearly 9 month preggo body was running on "hot" and I was dressed in a light weight short sleeve dress.

It was exactly 4 weeks before Turkey's was due, and exactly 2 weeks before he would make his early appearance.

It was the day of my baby shower.

Aside from the season inappropriate dress I wearing I was also sporting a "new" hair-do.... short with bangs.  This is the only time in my life I've had bangs.  My pregnancy hormones had wrecked havoc on my hair, causing my curls to go into hiding for 9 months and thus causing me to take drastic measures.

My shower was held at a friend's fiance's restaurant.  The restaurant is no more.  My friend never married that guy (thankfully), and I guess you could say I'm not even really friends with her any more.  Things sure do change over the years, don't they?  My mom and that friend hosted the party.  Other friends and family members were there.  I really should dig up some more of the photos from that day... I think my aunts would get a hoot out of our family group-shot from then.

I remember my Grandma (God rest her soul) got me a bathrobe and pretty smelling bath products... because as she put it "people often forget about the mom in times like these".  My Aunt C made Turkey a blanket.  She would re-make him the same blanket as a replacement in 2011.  My Aunt G got the baby a floor gym and a pack and play among other things.

And despite what my mother said, no one got us any diapers.  Not a single diaper.  This was probably the only baby shower in the history of  baby showers in the US to have no diapers present.  When I had my shower for Monkey some 7 years later, everyone made up for this; and we ended up with enough diapers to last until we started cloth diapering around 2  to 3 months (once he reached size small).

I don't recall all of the wonderful gifts we got.  I don't recall what we ate.  But I do know we had lots of laughs over the game "guess how big mama is?"  (I actually like playing this game... I know I'm weird.)  I remember lots of laughs and hugs and love.

The next weekend my friend KB and I went shopping for all most of the baby essentials I didn't get at the shower.  We shopped until we nearly dropped.

When Turkey was born the week after that we were not ready.  The shower gifts and new purchases still littered the living room in their original packages.

And we still had not bought any diapers... good thing they send you home from the hospital with some.


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