Sunday, January 22

Feelin' Like Superwomen

Friday night started out great.  Husband and I were enjoying watching "The King's Speech" when we heard him. Monkey, that is.  Typically he gets a dream feed every night at 10pm (give or take), and some times he wakes up for it and reminds me (not to nicely) that he wants to eat.  Fast-forward to 1am and I am still working on getting him back to sleep (damn teeth... you suck, please come in already).  When I finally drifted off to sleep I was envisioning a long day which would require serious quantities of coffee.

6:30am came, and the boys were awake and ready to go; but I was able to keep them at bay until 7:30am, and somehow once I rolled out of bed I was full of energy... I managed to...

make enough pancakes to eat today and freeze for later
do two loads of Turkey's laundry
play with the boys outside in the snow
address Monkey's birthday invites
nurse the baby about ten times
write some letters (yes, snail mail letters)
bring the last of the Christmas decorations to the attic
write a couple blog posts (and read a couple posts)
clean and organize the linen closet
sewed on Cub Scout patches, mended a stuffed animal and a pair of PJ pants
oversee Turkey writing out thank-you cards for his party.
take a shower with Monkey
play two games of Scrabbled Slam with Turkey
tickle Monkey by kissing his cheeks like crazy
change three poopy diapers
clean up the kitchen (twice)
make pretzels with the boys
play blocks with Monkey
play Yahtzee with Turkey
finished up Husband's web-site
and make dinner

.... so yeah, I totally woke up with a Superwomen complex... and felt the need to get EVERYTHING done, on very little sleep.


EricaG said...

You go! Wow...rub off on me, okay?

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