Thursday, January 12

Project Food Budget (Week 15)

The budget this week is $150 again, and this includes our normal shopping, plus food shopping for Turkey's (friend only) birthday party this weekend, plus money for fish and chips ($13) on Friday.

Like last week, this weeks shopping is mostly stocking-up.  Store Y is having a can sale (3 for $1 on most veggies and both boys LOVE un-salted canned peas), so that's were we focused. OK, I made the list and Husband did the shopping.  Which he has sworn would never happen again, because people are crazy and grouchy at the store.  He did awesome sticking to the list and spent exactly as I figured, a hair under $60.  Really he should shop more often he did such an awesome job.  

I spent $9 at the store yesterday at lunch on some fruit for the house.

Last weekend, both of our moms cooked for us (mine on Saturday and his on Sunday), so that was a real treat.  And neither time did I have to do clean-up.  SPOILED!!!!  Monday Husband and I had a date and we spent $18.45 ($22.45 with tip) at red Robin.  Tuesday I don't recall what we had, but I know we ate at home.  Wednesday we had tuna sandwiches and fruit, tonight is rice and beans and Friday is fish and chips.  Saturday and Sunday are both un-planned for at this time, but they will be home and will be dependent on how I'm doing party planning and clean-up.

So far this week we've spent: $9+$60+$22.45 = $91.50 which is a good number to be at heading into the weekend.

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Emily said...

Way to go on the budgeting! And happy birthday to Turkey. Hope the party is a fun one.

valerie said...

Wow you definately are doing great this month! Nice menus!!!

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