Thursday, January 26

Project Food Budget (Week 17)

This week things went pretty well, although I didn't do a formal "food shopping".

Sunday we stopped at the grocery on the way home from church and spent $34.18.  Husband and I (and Monkey) went out to eat Sunday morning breakfast as well (while Turkey was in CCD) and spent $17.50.  I made a couple quick stops at the store to odds and ends, since I didn't do a formal food shopping and spent: $10.20 and $3.99.  So I am well within the $100 for the week... however I don't see this as a victory as I had  no plan and no rhythm or reason in what we ate, etc.  I need to get better with planning and getting into a routine.


Valerie said...

Good for you to be under budget though!! Have a nice weekend!!

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