Sunday, January 1


This March I will have been at my company for 12 years.  12 fast and yet very long years.  I certainly have a love-hate relationship with my job, I always have... but it's not what I see myself doing for the next 12 years.  Not unless by some magical stroke I could do it from home on a full-time basis... but I'd probably only last another 5 years that way... certainly not 12.

That being said, over the summer Husband and I talked, and he supports me in my desire to start upon a new career path.  I've done my homework and my research and I'm going to have to take some classes and do some volunteer work and take some tests to get what I want but in the end I should be happy.

Why?  Because I'll be doing something I have passion in.  Like I said, I have a love-hate relationship with my job; which is great and all, but honestly I am not passionate about it.  Don't get me wrong factory automation is great and all, and I'm all for American manufacturing but I have no desire to make this field my life's work.

So here's to starting on a new adventure in 2012.

And yes I am scared, but hey if I don't at least give it a shot I'll never know what could have been.


Anonymous said...

How exciting!

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