Thursday, January 19

Project Food Budget (Week 16)

Last week an old friend commented that I should maybe try some of my shopping at the discount chains to save money and this got me thinking about how far away those stores can be for us.... so today I looked up the distances.

The 3 closest stores are Store Y at 3.6 miles, Store X at 6.2 miles and another location of Store Y at 8.9 miles.  I try not to shop at Store Y because their produce sucks, their prices are the highest, and they treated my brother really unfairly after he worked for them for eons (OK, more like 10 years).  But just based on distance alone, and the fact that BOTH locations are right off the interstate on my way home makes it really hard to not shop there.

The 3 closest discounts grocery stores are 15.2, 15.5 and 17.4 miles away... so when you figure in back road driving and then traffic once you get there it's a long way to go to save some money... plus gas is around $3.50 right now (what's up with that sudden price increase again... this sucks).  And those distance are each way, which means I could easily spend an hour alone driving to go and from the store.  Blah!!  I do enough driving with my commute.

Anyhow, Husband and I got to talking about our food budget last night and decided we needed to trim the fat and we are going to be going with a $100 weekly budget from now on.  So maybe working a once month trip out to the discount stores may be in order.  Plus we're going to try to get back to buying our produce locally, which also saves money.

I'll keep you up to date as our new plan develops, but in the mean time don't forget to check out these other blogs participating.


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