Sunday, January 22

The Best Of (Part 7 of 10)

The other night I was thinking about writing a blog post about how much I love the chair in Husband's office (everyone thinks like that right???); and then it occurred to me that 1) Monkey will be 1 in a few weeks and 2) that I really haven't added to my Best of List in a while and 3) well the chair is a best of item...

so... drum roll please....

#7 on my Best of List for Baby is... The Recliner!!!!

Yes, this is not your typical baby registry item.  And yes, everyone loves a good rocking chair or glider; but really if you can afford it and you have the room I highly recommend getting a recliner for use with baby. A rocking recliner is even better.

When Monkey was born Husband had his rocking recliner in his office.  It was red, it was old, it was kind of hard, it was old... but it worked.  So well it put Monkey and I to sleep more than once.

Then Gram passed away, and along with other things, we inherited her recliner.  So Husband's old red one was passed off to my brother in law, and Gram's took it's place.  This chair was a lot newer, and softer, and fluffier than the red chair.  I am in love.

Now when I get home from work I scoop up the baby and head to Husband's office and into the easy chair.  I kick off my shoes, and pull the leaver... ahhh!!!!  Feet up, all nice and cushy and feeding my baby.  Does it get any better than this?

So yeah, if you have a the room and the money... then put an easy chair on your list of "must have" for baby... I know it's on my top ten list.  

And many thanks for Husband for letting me take over his chair and invade his office.  


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