Wednesday, January 18

At 11 Months

At 11 months Monkey...

is one of the happiest babies around.

loves playing, and especially loves standing to play.

is just learning how to crawl... sometimes he goes off to the side, and sometimes he tries to crab-walk.

loves eating... and I mean this.  
He gets so excited over food he shakes with job.

eats everything.  We've yet to find a food he doesn't like.
eats mostly table food.  

we've loved doing Baby Lead Weaning.
is still nursing, at least 6 times a day.

is mostly sleeping through the night (knock on wood).

adores playing with others and helping clean-up.

dislikes riding in the car, still.  I swear we have the only child the refuses to sleep in the car.

babbles constantly, and has learned how to shriek really loud thanks to big brother.  

can be a real cling-on sometimes... thank goodness for baby-wearing.  
We love our Beco.

still has no teeth.

gives kisses, waves hi and bye, gives high 5 (when he wants) and signs "more" and "all-done".  

loves mimicking people and playing peek a boo.

is all all around happy baby.

His 2012 goals (if it's possible for a baby to have them) are to learn to crawl, learn to walk and get some teeth.


Jess said...

he looks tall in the pics :) Adam doesn't really fall asleep in the car much either and will cry for the whole ride sometimes. He'll fall asleep if he's tired enough. He's my only one to be like this.

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