Sunday, January 1

8:30 and a Skit

At 6:15 this morning Monkey woke crying looking for some boobie milk.  I was tired, drop down tired still... so as I walked down to his room to nurse him I was hoping he wasn't up for the day.  Well my prayers were answered; I fed him and he promptly went back to sleep.  I myself woke in a start at 8:30; it had been ages since I slept that late and had not been woken up by the baby and/or an alarm clock.

Turkey on the other hand was up bright and early.  At 8:30 when I staggered down the hall to check on the baby I noticed he was dressed already, and playing in his room.  Within minutes he was back in my bedroom with breakfast in bed for Husband (oatmeal), Monkey (brown rice crispies) and I (oatmeal).

Then he told me he wanted to put on a skit, and he needed me to be in it.

Once I made my way downstairs he showed me the sign he made for the TV.  It read "Out Of Order", and with this he explained to me that he wanted everyone to come to him for their entertainment of the day.

Which brings us to his skit.  Apparently the most profound and impact-full event of 2011 was the birth of his brother (nearly in the car with him there); because we were "acting" this out. (Considering everything else that happened his year, I have to say I am OK with this.)  He had written a script with Husband and Wife parts, which detailed the Husband driving the Wife to the hospital while she said "Owwww" over and over again, and asking where they were going.  He replies to the hospital (driving using a race track as a steering wheel).  Once the Husband proclaims they are at the hospital the Wife (played by yours truly) pulls a pillow (aka baby) out of her bathrobe and the Husband says "it's a boy".  Turkey had him and I rehearse it a few times, then he edited his dialog some (he actually wrote out by hand the script with direction), and we rehearsed some more, then I made coffee for Husband to enjoy while watching it.

Um yup... I have a 7 (almost 8 year old) writing plays about child birth... that's all I have to say about that.


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