Friday, January 6

Man Speak

When I say I am going to do the dishes, what I really mean is I am going to:
  • put the dishes in the dishwasher
  • wash all of the dishes that need to be done by hand
  • put away any food, dressing, etc that have been left out
  • wipe down and put away the high chair
  • wipe down all of the counters, the stove, table and fridge door handle
  • put away any small appliances that had been taken out
  • sweep the floor
  • and clean out the sink

When I ask my husband to do the dishes, he does just that.  He loads the dish washer.

I need to learn to speak more like a man, because I can't expect him to read my mind and know what doing the dishes REALLY means.  

What does doing the dishes mean to you?


Anonymous said...

At work I have learned to post "reminders" or "detailed instructions" to get the point across, so as not to "point the finger" at any one person (he/she always knows who he/she is), and have taken to doing the same thing at home (we also have teenagers in the house). That way I can direct my frustration into doing something productive about it. (Funny how I always end up being "the b---h" or "the nag", even if I have made previous *reasonable* requests that have gone ignored...repeatedly.) We can always hope for improvement, right? :o)

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