Sunday, January 15

Lego Party

Today we had Turkey's 8th birthday party.  Around these parts, at this age, we do "friends only" parties... which is nice because he gets his friends and Husband and I both get our friends to play with.  (Don't you just love when this works out?)

We celebrated his birthday 2 weeks early... for several reasons 1) it's birthday season around here 2) it's nice doing it the day before MLK Jr. day (extra time to recover) 3) did I mention it's birthday season and 4) Monkey's birthday is 15 days after his... so by having it 2 weeks early I get a month break between parties.

This year he opted for a Lego themed party.  Which was lots of fun to plan and decorate for.  (Husband called me his crafty little minx.)

The boys dined on pizza slices designed to look like Legos.

I made the goodie bags up to look like Lego bricks.

Turkey decorated his giant cookie cake with mini-figures and Lego weapons.

The boys played "Lego straw pick-up" (you pick up Lego pieces by sucking them up with straws and putting them in a cup), pin the head on the Lego guy, and hot Lego (like hot potato).

It was a good day... lots off laughs and no major meltdowns.  He is so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and Husband and I are lucky as well, to have such wonderful friends and their kids.


Jess said...

that looks like a lot of fun <3

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