Friday, January 27


I saw this blog post over on The Feminist Breeder and I wanted to share it with you, along with my personal experiences in the area.

I suffer(ed) from an oversupply and overactive letdown.  The oversupply we learned to deal with and control using block feedings.  Block feedings are when you nurse from only one side per nursing session (instead of both sides as typically recommended).  I actually had to go in blocks of 5 or so hours per side, so say if he nursed at noon on the right I wouldn't let him nurse on the left until say 5:30pm.  Thankfully as Monkey has gotten older and my supply has regulated this is less of an issue.

The overactive letdown, however; is still around.  For me, let-down (when the milk ducts release the milk to flow freely) feels like pins shooting through "the girls", on the opposite side from where he is nursing.  When I switch sides during a nursing session I need to go through the pains again.  Sometimes they are so intense they radiate down my arm... and typically when that happens my milk comes out so fast Monkey is popping up gasping for air. And the girls get rock hard during this... but when it stops... it's sweet bliss.  I guess it's similar to hitting your head on a wall... ha!!

Gotta love all of the little things that come along with nursing.  The good and the bad.


Jessica said...

BTDT - I don't have quite the same let down pain, but I did earlier on. It wasn't quite as bad, but I would have to press on my other breast to stop it from hurting. I still have to do that now and it's been 17 months. Luckily it doesn't squirt out anymore when it lets down. I had the same over supply issue and HAD to wear pads until Gabby was about 10 months old or so. We also had to do the block nursing because she was having such bad reflux from all the milk/air she was getting from me. That did help us a lot though. Thanks for posting this!

La Reine said...

I didn't have the let-down issues - but the oversupply! Holy Cow! When I was done nursing, I still had three or better months of stash in the freezer!!

Jess said...

I never got into it and truly appreciate those who can stick with breast feeding, sounds like you know your body well and what works

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