Saturday, January 14

Nursing at (nearly) 11 Months

Nursing at, nearly, 11 months is a good place to be.  It's a comfortable place.  It's a confident place.  It's a relaxed place.  At least for me.

At 11 months you get accolades from nurses and doctors on "such" an accomplishment, you get a respect from your co-workers for (along with some ribbing) for carrying it on for so long, and you that certain smile from other mothers.

This is the time I wish nursing mother's just starting out knew about.  I wish they, that while it does have it's unique challenges, knew what a comfortable place nursing could be.  Actually I wish the comfort and confidence of nursing an older baby is something that all new mother's know about.  If during those first few months of uncertainty and doubt and confusion and sleepless nights and days; they could look ahead and see, better yet experience, nursing an older baby this whole relationship might be easier.

At 11 months you've hit your stride (and not just in nursing but in taking care of a baby).  Nursing sessions typically last 5 to 15 minutes, and they are fewer and further between.  There is more nursing for comfort than nursing for food.  There is the confidence that your body is providing well for baby; and the communication between you and baby is strong.

Sure there is biting, and nipple twisting, and climbing all over mom; but compared to the uncertainties of the early months... these challenges are mere child-splay (says the women whose son is still a gummy bear).

Nursing at this stage is relaxing.  To sit in a darkened room with your baby, watching them grow sleepy as they nurse; and feeling your own eyes grow heavy as well... and then there is that little warm hand that creeps up the back of your shirt and starts patting you.... telling you that it's OK.


MaMaMahler said...

I Love this Kate! I feel you 100%. Especially now that I am going to continue nursing as long as my little man wants to! I can't let go of *this*...what we have right now. <3

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