Sunday, January 1

Change 3 Things

Apparently change is the word of the day over here on Two Eggs Over Easy.

As Monkey got bigger we embarked on a new adventure as a family: cloth diapering.  We opted to CD because it was better for his skin, better on our wallets (and we had $0 start up cost thanks to my dear friend M) and better for the planet.  As I began to learn more about CD and getting into it, I ran across "Change 3 Things Challenge" on Facebook, and since we were already committed to CDing I signed up (not that there is a penalty for not following though). Following Change 3 Things on Facebook has been fun.  I love seeing how the impact of cloth diapering is changing the environment.  

So here you go folks... if you CD or are even thinking about CD I invite you to LIKE them on Facebook and see what is going on.  (sorry for such an agenda driven blog post this evening.)  And if you have questions about CD I would be happy to share my (albeit some what limited knowledge) and experiences with you. 

I was not paid nor offered services for this blog post... simply post what felt right to me.


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