Sunday, January 22

You Suck

That comment would be directed at my new insurance company, United HealthCare Oxford.

I take the mini pill, the recommended oral contraception while breastfeeding.  I take a generic.  Sometimes CVS gives me Heather, sometimes it's called Camila.  Same difference.  Under my old insurance it was a $10 co-pay.  With my new insurance I was expecting a $15 co-pay, as our co-pays went up.

So imagine my suprise when I go to get it and they tell me it's $35.99.

I decline to pick-up my prescription, at the price, figuring there must be some computer error.

I call the pharmacy line, enter my 15 digit member ID number more times than I can count... only to get told it's a Tier 3 drug under our new plan... and I have to meet a $100 deductible, then I can pay a $40 co-pay... or just buy it out of pocket for less.


So they recommend a different brand of the mini-pill (Miconor)... because apparently they know better than my doctor.  Who, by the way, I know need to call and ask for a medication change... because the pharmacy can't make the substitution.  You've got to be kidding me!!!

Note: our Rx's are covered by a 3rd party... who also sucks... but I still blame United for picking these jerks to work with.


Jess said...

that's nuts, kind of stupid when the pill is cheaper to buy out right than if it was covered by the insurance, what good is it then!

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