Tuesday, January 3

Thinking About the Spectrum

I invite you today to head over to John Elder Robinson's Blog "Look Me In The Eye" and read his post about looking forward on the autism spectrum.

Turkey is one of those whose “substantial communication impairment" is defined as “has difficulty reading body language and interpreting unspoken messages.”; which is typically why many people see him as eccentric and not on the spectrum (because he is so verbal; with verbal skills greater than many adults).  

We are learning, on our Asperger's journey, that the schools do NOT understand the needs of those with this disability.  They keep crying that he needs to be failing subjects in order to receive many of the services he desperately needs.  But being as gifted as he is, it will take a lot for him to fail subjects... he would need to totally disengage from the classroom.  Is this really what the school system wants?  To build him back up again, after THEM being the ones to drop the ball?  I would think not.  

My "Asperger's Goal" of 2012 is to get the schools to provide the services he needs and is entitled to.  


Virginia said...

Yeah - I just don't get it. My friend is going through that right now with ADHD. Her son doesn't bounce off the walls, he withdraws when he gets overwhelmed, so since he's not a hassle for the teachers, they say he doesn't need anything special. So frustrating for her - and his learning is suffering because he just can't handle being in a noisy environment.

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