Sunday, January 8

Booster Seat

Yes, my nearly 8 year old still rides in a booster seat.

Yes, he's a "big kid", at 80 lbs. and 54 inches (4-ft 6-inches).

But the LAW is 4-ft 9-inches so he has some growing to go still.

Sure, there are plenty of adults that barely make the height requirement.  But they are adults.  They, supposedly, know how to sit in a car seat properly.  Turkey on the other hand doesn't know how to sit in a car seat properly (most of the time).  He likes to slouch down.  He likes to kick his feet against the back of the seat.  He likes to lean over to the side and droop his head.

So until he grows 3 more inches AND learns how to sit in the car right, he's in a booster.

No matter how many people comment on it, and no matter how many of his peers (who are shorter than him) tell him they don't need a booster seat.... he will be in his booster.  (And loving the cup holders.)


Virginia said...

Yep - Nik is ALL about the cup holders. With his seat he as easy access to 3 places to store his crap.

Jessica said...

Awesome! I love posts like this!!

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