Sunday, November 13

If I Knew You Were Coming...

... I'd of baked a cake.  Oh wait....

A long time ago, in a not so far away land, Husband was married to someone else; and she had a son from a previous relationship.  When they divorced, she wouldn't let Husband see him anymore; as he wasn't "his son" (not my words).  Husband was devastated by this, he had know this son (Bear we'll call him) since he was tiny; and he was nearly a teenager when they divorced.

Over the years Husband tried to keep in touch, first though Myspace (remember when people actually used that sight); through other family members; and every year on his birthday Husband would call his ex and leave Bear birthday wishes.  Bear's birthday is early November; and during this time of year Husband would get "moody" (to put it nicely)... upset he couldn't see or wish his first son a happy birthday.

This past summer they re-connected on Facebook (I know, I know, who doesn't these days).  But Bear was never on Facebook.  And then the night after my Grandma's wake, while stopping at the grocery store; we ran into Bear.... the rest is history.

Bear (and sometimes his girlfriend too) are becoming a regular addition around the house some weekends.  Turkey adores his "big brother" (although they are of no relation, but it makes him happy to think he has a big brother).  Bear plays with the boys, helps Husband out around the house, comes to little family outings with us, and enjoys sitting around drinking coffee and chatting.

Yesterday Bear turned 17.  And this year, for the first time in many many years Husband was able to call him and talk to him on his birthday.

Today he's over visiting so I took the opportunity to bake a cake (red velvet to be exact).   It's been far too long since I have baked a cake, Turkey prefers the Mrs. Field Giant Cookie cake, and Husband likes brownies. And while I am certainly never going to be a professional baker I am certainly looking forward to having a slice tonight.

Turkey felt the need to get Bear a birthday gift (sour candies to be exact), and took great pride in wrapping his gift.

And used an entire roll (an entire NEW roll) of tape to wrap the gift.

So Happy 17th Birthday Bear... and thank you for making my Husband smile today.


Amy said...

LOVE this!

EricaG said...

Kate, this post really touched me. I'm so glad your husband and Bear reunited.

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