Monday, November 21

What Goes Around Comes Around

Before Turkey was born I bought the cutest lime green fleece snowsuit, complete with toggle buttons and all from Gymboree.  They didn't have a newborn size, so I bought it a few sizes too big.  (Hey, first time mom what did I know.)  In the end he wore it home from the hospital, rolled sleeves and all.  And then he never wore it again.

But I loved it dearly, so I packed it away into his "keep forever box".

Fast forward 7 plus years and it's the end of October and we're expecting snow, and now I have Monkey who is 8 months old and has no snow suit.  So up to the attic I go and dig through the box and find the lime green fleece snowsuit Turkey ONCE wore.

Granted it was a little small (you couldn't fold the feet and hand covers over), but it fit for the most part.  Problem solved... for now.


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