Saturday, November 12

The Pen

Every year, on the first Saturday in November our church has their Christmas Bazaar.  Local crafty people come and peddle their wares in the parish center.  On top of all the vendors the church holds several raffles.  Some are free (like the attendance one), and some you have to buy tickets for.  One of the raffles you have to buy tickets for is the vendor raffle.  All of the vendors raffle off one item.  It's displayed at their table, along side the jar for depositing tickets.

We bought $5 worth of tickets.  Husband and I kept 10 tickets ($2 worth) and gave the rest (15 of them) to Turkey.  He entered into three vendor raffles: a kid prize basket, a fancy $75 wooden pen, and something else silly.

He really wanted the pen.  I mean REALLY wanted it.  The pen was made by Stan Halgas at  He spent days after the bazaar talking about the pen, about how he wanted the pen, wondering when they would pull the tickets.  

Well guess what?  He won the pen.

Showing off his pen.  He was so proud.
Turkey is enamored with his pen.  It "sleeps" next to him in it's wooden box on his night stand.  He carries it around the house and has taken to drawing endless comics and designs for new guns (laser guided plasma gun anyone?)

I'm really glad he won it.  He understands how much it costs (and I would never spend that kind of money on something for him) and is taking really good care of it.  It's teaching to be more responsible, to take better care of things... and it didn't cost me a thing... ok, $3 that went to our church.


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