Thursday, November 17

Project Food Budget

This week when I went food shopping I committed the greatest meal-planning sin, and went shopping BEFORE planning my meals and (obviously) before making a shopping list.  That being said I spent nearly $80, again (this seems to be my average lately).  Yesterday we were out and about from the morning through lunch and spent another $22 on snacks and lunches.  Bringing my total this week up to $ 102. Not bad for NOT planning.

Meals this week have been pretty easy: meatless pasta, Husband's chicken noodle soup, eggs and hash, and a pick your own.  Tomorrow night we're having seafood, and it will be whatever is on-sale at the store.  So that will get added to the weekly budget.

Edited: Friday night... $44.40 at the grocery for seafood (crablegs) and k-cups.  So, $148 for the week.


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