Thursday, December 1

Project Food Budget (Week 9)

I have no meals or budget to share this week... but I do have some revaluations.   

1) As a family we eat out WAY TOO MUCH.  Husband and I had a long talk about this, and we're committed to eating out less.  And as such, money for eating out will be counted into our regular food budget.  We're also going to plan outings differently as well, no more going out when we know it's a meal time, and if it is a meal time  and the troops are hungry than have a snack, and we're going to try to keep more snacks with us while we are out.

2) My meal planning around holidays sucks.  I can plan a weekly menu just fine.  I can plan a holiday menu just fine.  I cannot combine the two.  With Christmas and New Year's coming I need to work on this.

And if you are wondering 3) Week 9 in the title comes from how long this project has been going on in general, not how many weeks I've been doing it.  I was using my own weekly numbers before, but it's just too confusing.  

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Emily said...

Curious: what is it about the holidays that make it hard to menu plan?

Love that this is helping you to see where some of your biggest money suckers are.

By: Kate Nadeau said...

It's hard to menu plan around the holidays because I plan on a lot of leftovers... and then I either have too many lefotovers or not enough. Plus family members start complaining about having "turkey" again.

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