Wednesday, December 28

What's In a Name?

When we had Monkey we were on "team green".  For those of you not down with the mommy-internet-slag, that means we didn't find out the sex of baby until after the birth.

As such we thought of many, many names for both sexes.  At one time we had considered for boy names: Mitchell, Gregory, Everett and Oliver.  For a girl we were pretty set on Lucille, Lucy-Lo for short.  But we had also considered Annaleise (it was on "the list", but really if he had been a girl he most likely would have been Lucille).

A while back my cousin and I were discussing baby names (this is before Monkey was born I am sure, which means it was back when she was considering having a baby)... and Oliver was her top baby boy name choice (at the time).  After that conversation Husband and I scratched that name off our list... we decided we didn't like the meaning (elf army) and since it was her TOP name we wouldn't "steal it".  I don't think in that conversation we ever discussed girl names.

Fast-forward to now... and we have had a bouncing baby boy; whose name means "divine gift".  A nice and strong name; which goes well with his big brother's name which means "wise protector".

This summer when my cousin found out her baby was going to be a girl and revealed the name... I was in awe; it was a variation of Lucille.  Great minds clearly think alike, especially when it comes to naming baby.

I had really thought Monkey was going to be a girl.  Everyone, except Turkey who kept insisting he was going to have a brother, thought he was going to be a she.

I had dreams of having "my" little girl... she would be fair skinned, with a head full of jet black hair and bright blue eyes.  Imagine my surprise when Monkey turned out to be a boy with patchy strawberry-blonde hair and eyes that are yet to change color fully (we're guessing they will be hazel or brown).

Today we welcome my cousin's baby into the world... with a head full of black hair.... it must be in the name. They are truly blessed and she's a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents.

And if you are wondering we've since changed our top girl name (and not because of my cousin's naming choice)... the new name has to do with victory.  And that's all I am going to say.  


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