Thursday, December 29

Cinnamon Buns

A few months (OK, more like 6 months ago) my aunt gave me a bread maker.  I was all excited for this gift.  I left it out on the counter for a week, then it got stashed into the bottom of my pantry with the rest of my small kitchen appliances.

Then right before Christmas I had the most brilliant idea:  I was going to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  (I think the Man Vs. Food episode with the bun the size of his head got me.)  Normally for holidays we do Pillsbury cinnamon buns as a treat.

So I search and searched and found this recipe for the buns.

After the presents were opened, but before Turkey and I left for church I set about making the dough (which in my maker has a 1:15 minute cycle).  When I got home I rolled out the dough, added the topping, rolled, cut, baked and made the icing.

Before baking.
The icing itself was addicting.  I am lucky, oh who am I kidding my family is lucky, there was icing left to frost them with when I was done sampling.

After baking... I never claimed to be a professional.  
Upon eating these Husband claimed only my homemade cinnamon rolls were to be eaten in our house going forward.  I took that as a compliment.

These are not a diet food.
I was amazed by how easy these were to make.  Honestly, I must have spent a total of 15 minutes actively making these.  Since making the rolls we've tried white bread (not so good) and french bread (super yummy with homemade soup)... and I foresee many other breads in our future.

Monkey enjoying a roll on Christmas morning.


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