Monday, December 12

A Day in the Life: Sunday

6:26am - The day begins with the sound of Monkey crying through the monitor.  I nudge Husband, "Please go and nook him, if he sees me he'll want to eat and I NEED to sleep until at least 7am."

6:59am - Turkey crawls into our bed, upside down and proceeds to kick his way into the middle.

7:05am - Alarm goes off... hit snooze.

7:15am - Hit snooze again.

7:26am - Come up with a "get out of the house in the next 30 minutes plan" with Husband and go to nurse Monkey.  Secretly wanting to have Turkey skip CCD and mass.

7:48am - Dash into the bedroom to get dressed after nursing Monkey and getting him dressed.  Throw on a dress, earrings, brush teeth and hair.

7:56am -Leave 1 minute late, only to realize we forgot the diaper bag.  Run into the house, get the diaper bag and dash out.

8:18am - Drop Turkey off at CCD 3 minutes late (thankfully there were lots of other kids late this morning as well).  Head off to get gas, the paper and coffees at the gas station.  Get bummed because the ice is broken, decide to have an ice coffee anyhow.

8:30am - Go to the grocery store to pick-up donuts for breakfast and a few groceries for the house.

8:55am - Eat donuts in the church parking lot with Husband.  He straps the baby into the carrier and I go to pick-up Turkey from CCD, and head to mass with him.

10:20am - Mass is over and Husband takes Monkey to the car while I stop to buy a chocolate pop with Turkey on the way out.  Stop get the garlic bread that we forgot.  Go to another grocery store to get the garlic bread.

11:15am - Get home and feed Monkey some whole wheat Cream of Wheat for breakfast.  Nurse him.  Help Husband fix the leg on the coffee table.  Pull Monkey away from the ceramic cat he's been sucking on while we fixed the table and haul him upstairs for a nap.  Husband offers to rock him some since he just nursed.

12:05pm - Make Turkey a hot dog for lunch and chat with him.

12:15pm - Get Husband for a client call and make him lunch as he heads off on a job.

12:45pm - Work with Monkey on his Light of Christ book for Cub Scouts.  Nook Turkey on and off for about 30 minutes, as he's having a hard time napping.

1:05pm - Nurse Monkey.

1:20pm - Send Turkey to his room for some quiet time, and curl up in bed reading waiting to make sure Monkey is fully asleep.  Close eyes and drift off into a light sleep.

2:05pm - Get woken up by Monkey crying.  Get Turkey out of his room as well and head to the kitchen.  Lunch (soy blueberry yogurt with iron fortified cereal added to it) for Monkey and hot chocolate with whip cream for Turkey and I.

2:38pm - Turkey cruises around his playpen and Monkey works on Cub Scout stuff while I start washing diapers.  Once the diapers are in the wash, I watch the boys play together with the Christmas animated toys - the singing Cow, Reindeer and Snowman.

3:05pm - Make brownies with Turkey while Monkey plays on the floor.  Husband comes home.  Monkey plays in his jumper-roo while I work on putting pictures in frames.

4pm - Nurse Monkey and put him down for a nap.  Work on a blog post.

4:30pm - Start making dinner with Turkey (chicken parmesan), and Husband.

5:02pm - Have dinner without Monkey as he's still sleeping.  Play truth or dare with Turkey while eating, it's his new favorite game.

5:50pm - Nurse Monkey when he gets up, and then take him down for dinner (what we had) and clean the kitchen while he eats.  Clean him up and make him giggle (while playing with the towel), until he can't giggle anymore.

6:28pm - Supervise Turkey washing his hair, and get his clothes put away and him settled into bed.  Put away the diapers.  Go in to say good-night to Turkey and  discuss the validity of Santa Claus (he's been a skeptic for years).

7:10pm - Take a shower with Monkey, get him ready for bed, nurse, and tuck him in.

7:33pm - Get Turkey's bag ready for school and sit down to watch some TV and work on this blog post.

8:20pm - Hang up picture frames that I made earlier in the day.  Defrost milk, wash bottles, make bottles for Husband for tomorrow and brew myself a cup of tea.  Put the dog to bed.

9:00pm - Start watching Bag of Bones with Husband... get really into it.

9:25pm - Move movie watching into the bedroom and wrap Christmas gifts (nothing like Stephen King to get you in the holiday mood).

10:15pm - Decide the movie is lame and go to give Monkey a dream feed.  

10:35pm - Watch Family Guy.... turn off the light around 11pm....

11:31pm - Get all pissed off that I am not asleep yet while listening to Husband snore.  


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